A compendious list of the best large rabbit cages

If you love your pets then there is no amount of motivation needed to persuade you to do the best for your dearly beloved pets. But some pets are more special than others. This has to do with their genetics and the survival instincts that they have carried over into the domestic environment. For instance, ever wonder why a rabbit chews its food so quickly. It’s because, out in the wild, it does not know whether danger is lurking around the corner or where its next tasty meal is going to come from.

Of course, in the domestic setting, the rabbit no longer needs to worry about this. It will always be fed its regular meals by its ever-loving owners. You would think that a rabbit would know. Sadly, the domestic environment is not entirely conducive to allowing those furry creatures to roam free as they were naturally ordered to do. So what’s a domestic rabbit owner to do in helping his favorite pet towards a life that is as comfortable and safe as possible?

One thing he can do is look out for a larger than usual cage. Give the creatures, yes, there is room enough for more than one, and why keep just one lonely creature anyhow, a roomy cage at least which also happens to be as healthy and safe for the rabbits as well. Fortunately for all new pet owners, finding such a specialized cage has never been this easy. That’s because there is already a compendious list of some of the best large rabbit cages to go through already.

And because that list is so large and long, we couldn’t possibly give you all the choices in the time and space left to us. To compensate at least, we can give you these. Here, you have a choice of the Deluxe Habitat cage from manufacturers Living World, and My First Home from one of the most famous rabbit lovers around, Kaytee. There is also an Extra Large Cage available from Deluxe. Deluxe’s firm favorite feature is that there is nearly forty inches of space, length wise, and just over twenty inches of space width wise, for those rabbits who might just want to hop about on their short furry little legs and unusually big feet.

Setting these cages up at home is done easily enough. Assembly of the cages takes place in a matter of minutes. No need to keep brother rabbit waiting. Rabbit amenities have all been taken care of as well. There is a nice resting balcony for the domesticated rodent. A hay guard, feeding dish and water bottle completes the picture for meal times. And just so that nothing gets spilled or wasted both feeding dish and water bottle are firmly secured to wires that pose no harm to fragile creatures.

best large rabbit cages

Kaytee’s cage also has a no mess – no fuss approach taken to it. Acres of space for the bunnies to enjoy their hay in.