How Marijuana Decriminalization Could Impact Your Job

With the decriminalization of Marijuana there will be a substantial number of people who will “come out of the closet” and smoke marijuana out in public. The challenge is whether employers who have mandatory drug screening will revise their policy to allow the use of Marijuana.

The Merits of Drug Screening

No one would want their surgeon to be under the influence of drugs while performing surgery, or fly on an airplane with a pilot under the influence. While these professions require the individual to have all their mental faculties there are some roles where the rules may be relaxed. In the interim if you want to use Marijuana and other illicit drugs you will need to develop countermeasures for the random drug tests they conduct. There is a plethora of resources that provide tips on how to pass a saliva drug test by but you need to educate yourself on these solutions before relying on any of them.

Getting a Prescription for Your Family Doctor

If you are concerned about negative feedback from your employer who may have a no smoking/no drug consumption policy at their place of business you could get a prescription from your family doctor. These drugs can be used to treat a host of conditions from anxiety, depression to the side effects of chemotherapy. Employers would have a more difficult time penalizing you for using the drugs if they are used for medicinal reasons instead of recreational. Each employer is free to set their own drug policy but they also need to balance it with the well-being of their valuable employees.

Overcoming the Drug Test

One option we touched on earlier was to read up on how to pass a saliva drug test by to beat the drug test whenever it was being performed. Aside from the old advice of “drinking cranberry juice” there is a host of other things you can do to beat the test.

An option is to use products that force the excretion of toxins from your body. This “flushes” traces of the drugs from within the blood and urine but will take a little time to perform. If you have 4-6 weeks the majority of drugs will disappear from your body naturally but if time is short you can increase the frequency of your urination.

how to pass a saliva drug test by

Along with increasing the amount of urine you pass another option is to start exercising on a regular basis. By forcing your body to sweat more it will eliminate the drugs from your system via the perspiration. While running to sweat out the drugs is not considered fun it beats looking for a new job so you should consider doing it.

If the amount of drugs found in your test are at trace levels you could always use the excuse that you were at a party around people who were legally using recreational Marijuana. While this approach may not work it is worth a shot since most employers are aware that Marijuana is common at most social functions.